The Coachwhip , at 16 inches, is a unique product unlike any other. It is designed for targeting the biggest and baddest fish in the lake. The significant difference from other worms, aside from its size, is its massive tail (where all the action is produced). With its larger tail it presents a meaty profile  that says "eat me big girl, I'll fill you up". Though there are likely many different applications where this worm will excel, it is our experience (and the reason for its creation) that it performs exceptionally well paired with a "Swing Head jig" or "Wobble Head" with at LEAST a 7 ought hook; Presenting this rig in deep water brush and around creek ledges during the summer months.  Below in the video  you can see the significant action produced in the tail and how if highlighted there is a significant benefit. 
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Proofs In the Pudding!!


Bait action

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Stubborn Grubs: 
 The stubborn grub is a massive 12 inch worm/ grub hybrid. It has a nice fat elongated tail similar to the Coachwhip while having a shorter beefier body. Less intimidating than the 16 inch Coachwhip, but still provides a door into the big bait world. Guaranteed the fish haven't seen another bait like it. Just like its big brother, our proffered method of rigging this bait is with an 8/O Bayou bobble head jib made by  Great around brush tops and ledges, but has a place swimming weightless over pads and grass. 

grub test.mp4

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